Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still Sick!

Yesterday afternoon my mom and I took Evan back to the doctor because Eric and I just did not think he was getting better...and we were right. We saw our regular pediatrician this time and he said that we had not improved at all. Evan still had two bad ear infections, a very congested cough, and lots of congestion. He told us to keep him on all of his medicines that we were given on Sunday but that we also needed to give him breathing treatments to help break up the cough.

He has been a super great patient and is very good while he gets a treatment. Tonight we gave him one while he was sleeping in his daddy's lap and he never even knew what was going on. Eric's mom and I are taking him back in the morning so they can make sure he is improving.

We are headed to Mt. Pleasant in the morning for Evan's appointment at 9:00 and then Eric and I will go to Dallas tomorrow afternoon to check on Eden at 2:45. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

Getting our breathing treatment.

Taking some of our medicine.
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  1. Grandma says that medicine might not taste too good but I take it like a "little Man." He is such a handsome boy.


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