Saturday, May 29, 2010

Look At My.....



Blue Eyes!
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bathtime is not for Sissy's

A couple of weeks after Eden came home we decided to put the kids in the bathtub together. Evan was already in the tub and having a great time. When we put Eden in everything was calm......

until Evan decided that having his Sissy in the bathtub with him was NO FUN!

After this we decided that Evan needed to move to the big bathtub and things have been much better ever since!
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day and a day I have been awaiting for a long time! My thoughtful and crafty husband and two sweet babies made me a apron to wear while I cook. Eric said he wanted to make me a keepsake for my first Mother's day. Eric found a poem that he wrote along the edge of the apron and then put Evan and Eden's footprints on the inside. The poem was just perfect for the way I feel about being a mom and when he read it to me we were both crying.

Evan and Eden are a blessing and as Eric likes to say, "I love the snot out of them!"

Here is the poem that is on the apron:


Little girls have always dreamed,
Of one day being grown;
Of having a home and family,
And children of their own.
As little girls they played the games,
With dollies cuddled near;
Of being grown up Mommies,
And now that day is here.

For cuddled sweetly in her arms,
Of the little girl now grown;
Is the sweetest dream she ever dreamed,
Two babies of her own.
In all the years of growing up,
In the games that little girls play;
None will ever be so sweet,
As her very first Mother's Day.

* Also, Evan has six teeth. Three on top and three on bottom. The seventh tooth should be here any day.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Take a Guess!

Let's see how many of you can guess how many teeth Evan has.

You can see a couple of teeth on the top from the picture BUT is there more?

Make your best guess and lets see who gets it right!
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