Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Wild Weekend!

Saturday around 1:00 Eric and I let Toby and Tucker outside to play and go to the bathroom. In a little bit we saw them running way out in the pasture behind our house playing. They do this sometimes and usually come back shortly so we were not to worried. However, in little bit Eric and I became concerned because we could not get them to come when we yelled for them. I got in the car and started looking for them. After about an hour, I found Toby walking down the road about a half mile from our house but Tucker was no where to be found. Eric and I both looked for him for a couple of hours and then called our parents to help.

We were very scared because it is not like Tucker to run away from the house. He is a home body and is a Momma's boy. We were also very surprised that he was not with Toby because he usually will not get very far away from him. He loves his bubba very much!

We all looked for him until dark and decided that we could not do anything else tell the next day. Eric left some food and water on the back porch for him in case he came home during the night. Neither one of us slept very well that night and were very worried about him. When we got up the next morning, he still was not back. Eric, Evan and I started looking for him about 7:00 Sunday morning and still had no luck. At this point, Eric and I were thinking that we might not be able to find him. Also, on Sunday morning Eric's mom made 125 fliers to put in mailboxes around our house. Then a little after 12:00, my parents, grandparents, brother, cousin and Eric's mom started looking for him and putting out the fliers.

Also, during this time on Sunday morning Evan started to get very congested and was not acting like he felt well at all. Eric and I decided that we needed to take him to the doctor. Thank goodness the doctor we use is open on Sundays, what a blessing! We look him in about 2:00 to the doctor and you could tell he was feeling worse and worse. First, the doc came in and checked him over and said he had an ear infection in both ears. Poor Baby! He also wanted to take blood to check to see if he had RSV. We were praying he did not have RSV but did know it was going around really bad. When the doc came back in, he said his RSV test was NEGATIVE! Thank goodness but he did have two ear infections and a upper respiratory infection. We were sent home with two prescriptions, instruction to use a vaporizer and vics vapor rub and to have him sleep elevated in his bed.

As of today, he is still very congested but seems to feel a little better. I called the doctor back today and they said it was going to take 7 to 10 days for him to get over all his congestion. We are just praying he gets over it quicker and we get our happy, healthy baby back! I have also been home sick the past couple of days with a sinus infection. On Monday my OBGYN called me in a prescription that was safe for me and the baby so I hope I feel much better soon!

Right now, I am very thankful for a well husband who is very helpful and family who helps whenever I need them. My mom has been taking care of Evan and I during the day and Eric has been taking care of us at night!

NOW! If you are wondering, we did find Tucker! Thank you Lord! When we were at the doctor with Evan a lady called me to say she thought he had been at her house since Saturday afternoon. She said he was a great dog that loved to go inside. I called home and my dad went to pick him up. He was super tired from his adventure but very glad to be home and see his family! We are very thankful that Eric's mom made the fliers so the lady could read it and call us with such wonderful news! I know not everyone is a dog person but we love our dogs just like they are part of our family.

Eric and I are very thankful that Tucker is home and our sweet baby is hopefully on the mend.
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  1. Mandy, when I heard that Tucker was missing, my heart felt so sad! I can not imagine how I would feel if one of our dogs took a trip from home. HOW SCARY!!!!!!! I am so glad that you guys found him and that he was taken care of while he was away! Hope you and Evan start to feel better soon!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started crying when I read your blog update, Mandy!! I can not even imagine how it would feel if Ebony left home. :( I am SOOOOOOOOOO GLAD Tucker is ok, and he is now at home safe; I also hope you, and Evan feel better SOON!!!!!!!! :)

    Love You All,
    Jessica P.


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