Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Silly Boy!

Nana and Grandaddy brought Evan the cutest suit that came with a vest, hat and bow tie. We could not resist the urge to try on the hat and bow tie to see how cute it would look on him.

He looks pretty surprised with how great he looks. What a silly face!

Evan is doing very well. He is starting to teeth. I am quickly finding out that Baby Orajel is one of my new best friends. That medicine works wonders and super quick. We can't feel any teeth starting to come in yet but he is chewing and drooling on everything.

Last night, I weighted him on our scales at home and we think he weights about 16 pounds. We also measured him this afternoon and he is measuring about 24 inches. At two months he weighted 13.5 pounds and was 23 inches we are growing very quickly. I know when Eden arrives that Evan is really going to look huge compared to her.

Eden is also doing very good. She is moving like crazy in my tummy. The doctor says that she is just where she needs to be. I am 29 weeks today and feeling great. Tomorrow we are going to have a 4-D sonogram done in Tyler. This is just something Eric and I want to have done so we can see more of Eden. I hope she is ready to smile for the camera! Check back in a couple of days and I should have some pictures posted of her.
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  1. Love the picture!

  2. Can't wait to see Eden chillin' in the tum-tum! =) Evan is such a doll! Give him kisses from his Boots!

  3. Evan is so cute! I love the pictures!


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