Saturday, January 9, 2010

3 Months Old

Evan turns 3 months old today. Eric and I cannot believe how fast he is growing. It seems like everyday we can tell he has grown or learned something new.

Here are a few of our accomplishments this month:
-Sleeps for 10 to 11 hours a night
-Holds he head up with no problem
-Weights around 15 pounds and is very long
-Nearly rolls over...can get on his side but just cannot get over yet.
-Loves to play and kick water out of his bath
-Recognizes his mommy and daddy. Smiles really big when he sees us!
- Talks to you when you are talking to him. Makes a growling noise that is super cute!
- Wears number 2 diapers
- Wears 3 to 6 month clothes
- Eats about 6 ounces every feeding and takes 7 ounces of a cereal bottle at bedtime.
-And sadly....does not really like to be rocked to sleep. After his bottle, he prefers to be laid in his bed and fall asleep on his own.
* The photo was taken by Go and check out his website.

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