Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Baby

Evan is ALWAYS so happy and smiles most of the time but for the first time last week we got to hear his laugh. He has been "talking" to us for a while now but last Tuesday night he started laughing out loud for the first time. It is the cutest and sweetest laugh I have ever heard.

Last Tuesday night, I went to a Women on Mission group meeting and Evan stayed home with his daddy. When I got home, Eric was so excited to tell me that Evan had laughed out loud; however, Eric was a little sad that I was not able to hear it with him. He said he ran to get the camera but by the time he got it on.....he could not get him to laugh anymore. I was just glad Eric was the one who got to hear that sweet laugh for the first time. Since then we have both heard him laugh several times. I hope to get a video of him laughing on the camera soon. As soon as that happens, I will get it posted so you can hear how cute his little laugh sounds.
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