Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Tornado

Wednesday evening parts of Sulphur Springs got hit by a tornado. Eric and I did not even know anything was going because the storm did not hit out near our house. However, Eric's parent's house was hit by the tornado. We drove out there first thing Thursday morning and it looked like a bomb had exploded. Eric's parents were not hurt during the storm but much of their property was damaged.

They lost 12 trees but not a single one fell on the house. God is Good!

This is part of their backyard. They have a lot of shingle damage to the house but only one small hole in the roof.

Look at the cup of water.....the boat was picked up and moved side ways by the tornado but the cup of water did not budge. Incredible!

This is the side of their house that leads to the backyard.

They have a LOT of clean-up to do but we are very thankful they were not hurt!
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  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!! I had no idea! Our thoughts and prayers are with them!!!!!!! How scary! Thank God they were not hurt!

  2. give your parents a big hug for me Eric. I am so thankful they were not hurt. Love you guys. kisses to our boy.



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