Saturday, April 17, 2010

That Silly Duck!!

Evan loves bath time and just moved into the big boy bathtub. He loves his daddy playing with him while he takes a bath. He has also found that his bath toys are very fun to play with. On the video you can hear his sweet laugh. That is a sound that Eric and I could listen to all day!

When you watch the video, make sure to mute the sound at the bottom of the page.


  1. SO CUTE! What wonderful memories you guys are making! & I'm so glad that you're sharing them with us! <3

  2. Evan brought a BIG smile to my face today, and I needed that!!!!!! :)

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing many of your memories with all of us!!

    Love You All,
    Jessica Pope

  3. I am having a wonderful time watching Evan grow up. So glad Rachel made the decision she did. He is so obviously loved.

  4. I was nearly laying in the floor laughing when Evan showed us his precious giggles. What a way to boost us up and giving us a reason to Thank our Heavenly Father. LOL Grandma

  5. Precious giggles! What a treasure!!!


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