Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy 1 Month Birthday Eden!

Today Eden is one month old. How time is passing so quickly now that she is here...maybe because we are so busy??? She is growing and changing so quickly! Here are some things she's doing now:

-She is starting to hold her head up and move it around from side to side.
-She has become a little "oinklet" when it comes to eating. She weighs over 10 pounds.
-She makes noises that sound like a cross between a raccoon cub and Chewbacca.
-Unlike her big brother, she hasn't yet discovered the thrill of long periods of sleep during the night (this nocturnal nature may further explain the sounds I just mentioned)
-She is starting to focus on objects close to her

Evan is noticing the presence of his little sis (primarily when she's crying...I guess that may be the beginning of his protective big bro instincts)

Life is busy. Life is short. God is great. Seize the moment!

We love you, Eden Michelle!

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  1. SHE IS PRECIOUS!!!! Happy 1 Month Birthday Baby Girl!

  2. Love her!


  3. Can Our little angel be one month old? She is so darling and I love the picture of the crying one.
    She looks just like Mandy in that one. I can say that because I'm Great-Grandma.LOL to All.

  4. Time passes so quickly.. Blessings from above are blessings that we all will treasure. She is precious. I hope to come see my great neice and nephew very soon. They both are so precious. Keep the pictures coming. Aunt Kim


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