Monday, August 17, 2009

Race for a Cause

A couple of weeks ago my long time friend, Sunnye Moore McLanahan, called wanting to set up a fundraiser to help us with some of our adoption cost. Eric and I were very honored that she would come up with this idea to help us raise money for our future son or daughter.

Sunnye has been running since our college years and in just the past couple of years has started running in half and full marathons. She will be running a full marathon in Tulsa, Oklahoma on November 22nd and wants to run the race in honor of our adoption. Her goal is to get 30 people to sponsor her as she trains and competes in this race.

Wondering how you can get involved in sponsoring her?

On the side bar of our blog you will see Race for a Cause and a picture of Sunnye. If you click on her picture you will be taken to a page were you can download a letter from her and also a donation form. If you can not get to the letter and donation form or have other questions I would be glad to help you. Please e-mail me at

I will be updating you periodically on her progress. She will begin training this month and plans to run around 400 miles before her marathon in November.

Thank you again, Sunnye, for this wonderful fundraiser and thank you to everyone who is willing to sponsor Sunnye as she trains for the Tulsa Route 66 Marathon on November 22nd.

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