Friday, August 7, 2009

Let the Waiting Game Begin!

So, we had our home study this week on Tuesday, August 4th. Leisa from the Tyler office came to our home and conducted it. Let's just say that our expectations of the home study were over the top. Everything went very well. Leisa was greeted at the front door by our two loving dogs. She came in, sat down, and asked us a few questions about our relationship and our parenting philosophies. Then, we took a walk through the house (giving special attention to the baby's room) followed by a brief investigation of the yard from the back porch. And that was practically all that the home study involved. In less than an hour after she had arrived, Leisa was on her way back to Tyler. I hope that's a good sign....she gave us no indication to think otherwise!

The official documentation of this visit should be finalized any day. And that is the last step for us to be considered "officially" eligible adoptive parents. So, theoretically, we are now just waiting to be selected by a birthmother! Here's the exciting part: the call could come at ANY time. Today, tomorrow, next month, next year....who knows? But God's got his fingerprints all over this thing and we are perfectly content to wait on His timing. But let me tell you, we are oh so ready to love on a little baby when that time arrives!


  1. THAT'S GREAT! Man...what a lucky baby not only have a Aunt Boots & Uncle Toots...haha...but no really...I know that you two will be awesome parents to one very blessed baby! I'm so excited for you guys and let me tell you that I'm ready to love on that little baby too!


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