Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blessings Multiply on Monday!

We found out yesterday (Monday) morning that Margaret (Director of Adoption Services at Christian Homes) is on vacation until August 19th. So, it will be at least another week before our "pre-placement" stuff is officially wrapped up. But, we did receive confirmation that they have everything they need from us and that it all looks great. So, we continue to wait...we're getting really good at that! However, we are thankful that we know that we can expect some delay before hearing something else from our friends at the agency.

That wasn't the only news discovered on Monday morning. To our pleasant surprise, it appears that God has seen it fit to grow our family in addition to adoption. Yep, that's right,


"Doc" confirmed this morning that Mandy is approximately 5 weeks pregnant! WOOOOHOOOO!

What expensive medicine and Dallas' best medical professionals could not accomplish, our BIG God handled with no problem and without us even knowing. Dr. Heckman (I love this guy) prayed with us this morning acknowledging that this was indeed a "miracle". We cannot even begin to express the excitement and joy that continues to flood our hearts during this time!

If the agency allows, we have absolutely no intention of backing out of the adoption at this point. (UPDATE @ 11AM on 8-12: Just talked with the agency...we can continue moving forward!) There has not been one shadow of doubt along the way about our decision to adopt. God's perfect peace continues to affirm us in this choice. We've just got twice the blessings, excitement, fun (and diapers!) coming our way now!

So, please continue to pray for us through this. I am beginning to think that my spiritual gift is to pray for pregnant women and babies! Please continue to lift up the birthmothers of our children! Pray that both mothers (Mandy and "birthmother") will make healthy choices for their babies during pregnancy. Also, pray that God would continue to have his hands all over these babies before we get to hold them in our arms!

Good things come in pairs don't they?

So, are you as shocked/surprised as we were about this??? Praise the Lord!


  1. How great, how great is our God!!

  2. We wholeheartedly agree that good things do come in pairs! We are so thrilled for you. What a great testimony that God still performs miracles. If you need any help getting ready for two let us know we would love to help!

    T.K. and Karen Potter
    Tobin and Kallie

  3. OH,How excited I am for y'all!!! What AWESOME news! Mandy you look SO happy! I can't wait to see what great things God has in store for y'all! What a neat testimony! :o)

  4. I don't think I could've been any more excited when Karen called me with the FANTASTIC news! I couldn't wait one second to call you guys! I am beyond amazed at God's 'handywork' in you guys and all that he continues to do through you. My heart was equally as excited when Eric told me that the plans with adoption are still a 'go'...WHAT A BLESSING and what a story these 2 babies will have! I can't wait to meet both of them! Mandy...you look so cute as always and I love the bandaid...just more proof AND a sonogram at 5 weeks....YAY! <3 YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Congrats!! That is a great pic of future Mommy. Goes to show you never know what God has in store... :)

  6. I am so excited for both of you. Two babies!
    Told your mom she better rest up!!!!

  7. Hey, this is Amanda Mohr...Krecia and Patch's friend. I am so excited for you guys!!!!
    Can't wait to see what God has planned for you guys and these sweet babies!!!


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