Saturday, June 6, 2009

Where We are Today

Eric and I have started this blog to keep all of our family and friends up to date on our adoption progress. Since you received the e-mail from us about our plans we have been very busy.

At the end of April we attended an adoption seminar at Christian Homes in Abilene. Eric and I learned so much from the seminar and confirmed that this is exactly what God has planned for us to do. After the seminar we had lots and lots of paper work to complete. The task was a little overwhelming at first but we took it one step at a time and were able to get it completed in about three weeks. As I type this message I am proud to say that Eric and I are CPR and First Aid Certified, Trained in Infant Care, HIV Negative, and have been fingerprinted by the FBI. Those are just a few of the items we had to have done in order to turn in our application.

As of today we are waiting on the agency to schedule our office interviews. We hope this will take place sometime at the end of this month. We will be interviewed individually and together by our social worker out of their Tyler office. After the interviews are complete they will schedule our home study. We are ready to get our interviews and home study complete because when those are finished we will get our approval letter. After we receive our approval letter we will be able to receive a child. At this point we will just be waiting on a call to say we have been selected by a birthmother. We could get a call the next day after our approval letter or it could take several months. So every time the phone rings we will be wondering if today is the day!

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