Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Aid Certified

YEAH! We are officially First Aid Certified. After I wrote the blog on Thursday, I decided to call the First Aid instructor, also an ECLC nurse, and see if she knew when our certificates would arrive. I was so glad that I decided to call because she had left the certificates in my staff mailbox at ECLC on the last day of school. So, I immediately left the house and went to the school to get the certificates. Then I went to Eric's office and Uncle Pistol, my brother, scanned them into the computer for us so we could quickly e-mail them to the agency. I received an e-mail from the agency shortly after saying everything looked great. We are hoping our interviews will be scheduled very soon. I will let everyone know as soon as we hear from them.

We did have the garage sale this weekend and everything went very well. There were lots of shoppers who came by on Friday and Saturday. We are thankful for the money we made that can go in our adoption saving account and very very thankful that our garage is now junk free! Also, thanks to a few people who came by to support us during the sale.

Thank you to everyone for praying that the certificates would come quickly. It is amazing how quickly God can answer our pray.

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