Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garage Sale

We are having our second garage sale this weekend. All the money that we make from the sale will go into our adoption fund savings account. We are praying for great weather and lots of people to come and buy lots of stuff. The sale will be at 231 McCann. If you know of anyone who loves garage sales send them on over. Here is a copy of the ad so you can see all the great items we will be selling.

Garage Sale Ad

Five-family garage sale. Friday and Saturday, 7 - ?
Furniture, baby items, curtains, clothes, much miscellaneous.
231 McCann (one block south of Radio Shack).

Also, I talked with the adoption agency this morning and they said we are only waiting on the First Aid certificates and then they can get our interviews and home study started. We took First Aid on May 20th so hopefully our certificates will arrive in our mailbox very soon. Pray that the certificates will arrive soon so we can move into the next phase of the process.


  1. I hope your garage sale is a huge success!!!! What an awesome idea! Let us know how it goes! I wish I were there to help! I L-O-V-E garage sales!

  2. So excited about your blog!!! Good Luck on the garage sale!


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