Friday, October 14, 2011

Ready or SNOT! Here it Comes!

When you are sick with the stomach virus, I guess you really don't care what your hair looks like!!

This week we have had the stomach virus, all four of us, and now Eden has a sinus infection and bronchitis.  

But, so far, we are doing a lot better than last year.  Starting in August of last year, Eden got a cold and she just could not get over it.  We went to the pediatrician many times, the ENT and had tubes, twice, and eventually to a pulmonologist to help us with her lungs.  After many rounds of medicine and breathing treatments, from August till March, she finally seemed to get better.  Then to our surprise we made it all spring and summer without a cold or trip to the doctor.  We were very very thankful!

She had a cold last month but, unlike last year, she went to the doctor and was able to get over it in a few days.  

Now, she is sick again but we are hopeful that she will get well quickly and be snot free very soon!  

We are praying that this cold and flu season is much easier for our little girl.  


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