Monday, October 10, 2011

Here Comes the Birthday Boy!

Saturday, we celebrated Evan's 2nd Birthday. We decorated the party with Fire Engines and held our celebration at the City Park!

We used red, white and black as our colors with an assortment of fire engines as most of the decorations.

I made red velvet cupcakes for dessert and added a few homemade cupcake toppers for decoration.

Everyone had a fire hat to wear and since we were at the park there were lots of activities to keep us busy!

Evan loved his birthday shirt and fireman boots. I think he would wear them everyday if I would let him.

We actually washed the shirt on Sunday night so he could wear it again on Sunday morning to church and YES...

he did wear his fireman boots to church too.

But don't worry...

Eden had a shirt made for Evan's party too. We didn't want her to feel left out!

She was very excited because her shirt had a puppy on it.

When she put on the shirt she said, "Puppy, Woof, Woof!"

Throughout the day she would point to the puppy and say it again... just in case we forgot what it was!

Evan waited very patiently for his presents. Actually, after the first couple he was not very interested anymore.

He just wanted us to let him play with the ones he had already opened. But when he opened his first present he looked pretty excited

and said to me, "We didn't have to pay for it!" At least we know he is learning that most things cost money!

Sissy was very content to watch her Bubba. Also notice... She has another pair of someone else's flip flops on.

She is a shoe fanatic!!!

But Evan was probably most excited that he BEST FRIEND came to his birthday party!

He loves her so so much and she is so wonderful with him!

Gosh! We love that Girl!

We can't believe he is 2 years old already! Time sure does fly by.

We hope you have a wonderful birthday Bubba! We love you!
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  1. Two years have gone by since our Evan came into our lives, he is such a blessing to all his family. The two-year party was alot of fun and had a perfect weather day for it. Love you little fireman buddy, may God always take care of you and may your life be full of joy and happiness. Love you so much little two year old!!! Great-G&G McGraw


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