Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Changing with the Season!

Not only are the leaves changing and falling from the trees this time of year but for us the last couple of months have been filled with changes in just about every area of our lives!

First, Emerson should arrive just about any day.  We are all super excited to meet her and welcome a new little one into this world.  Evan and Eden are both going to be great helpers with her!  Especially Eden, who already thinks her job is to mother Evan...can't imagine what she will do when Emerson is born!

Here is a picture of Miss Emerson at 35 weeks!

Second, Eric and I both have totally changed our career paths and couldn't be happier.  I am working as the Director at Heart of Hope Pregnancy Center part time and getting to spend lots of time at home with my kiddos.  As of August, Eric is the Lead Pastor at Shannon Oaks Church.  We are still in awe at God's plan for our life.  God has been working in our hearts for a couple of years and now to see it all come about is truly amazing!

Welcome to Shannon Oaks!

Third, we are back living in the city and could not be happier.  With all of our new changes we really felt God leading us back into town and into a neighborhood.  We want to be surrounded by our community, get involved with our town and get to know our neighbors.  Evan and Eden are enjoying living much closer to their grandparents, getting to spend lots of time playing outside and taking evening walks around the neighborhood.  Also, being just a few minutes away from most everything in town has also been a huge blessing!  

Our Country Home....right after it SOLD!  

Last, I thought I would include a few pictures of the kids over the last few months!  Just as everything else in our life has changed...so have they.  They are really starting to grow up!  

 Our trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama

Inside a Shark's Mouth (New Orleans) 

 Evan's 3rd Birthday Breakfast

 Halloween Pumpkin Carving

 Evan's First Duck Hunt

We couldn't be happier about all of our changes this Season!  We hope each of you enjoy the Fall Season and all the new adventures it will bring about!

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