Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Are you happy?"

"Are you happy?" is what Evan says when he wants to tell you that he is happy!

And... being at Aunt Steph's cabin was something that defiantly made Evan happy!

The cabin had lots of things that Evan LOVED!

The Cabin!

You can see the cabin in the background. Evan loved playing outside the cabin, climbing on the beds in the cabin and eating lots of YUMMY cabin food!

The Fish!

Touching the fish was not scary for Evan at all. Actually, he loved to sit beside the fish we had caught and poke out their eyes! Yes, he is all boy!

The River!

Playing by the river provided lots of enterainment. With a Salmon bat and lots of rocks Evan found plenty to do!

The Outhouse!

For some reason Evan was fascinated with the outhouse! Playing peek-a-boo behind it with his Sissy keep him entertained for a while.

The Dirt!

Evan loved getting dirty! The more dirt he had on him the better. Sometimes I wondered if his face would ever be clean again!

We loved getting away to Aunt Steph's cabin. To get there we parked our car and then got on an ATV and rode in on a dirt/mud trail for 8 miles. The ride took us about an hour. Evan loved riding "The Rhino". We hauled in our water and made it without electricity for four days! The cabin is two rooms. One room has a kitchen and eating area with a loft for sleeping and the other room has three beds and a fireplace for heating in the winter! The outhouse served us well and the fire pit cooked us some very good food!

Life there was SIMPLE and we LOVED it! Sure wish we could get back to that kind of simplicity more often!

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