Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Camping + Boating + Fishing = One Fun Weekend!

Memorial Day weekend we spent our time at the lake enjoying ourselves in the sun and hanging out on the boat. Our kids were made for the water...which is a good thing since Eric and I love it too. Evan would live in the camper and stay in the water ALL the time if we would let him! He yells, "Play in the water, Get on the Boat, Go Fishing!"

We started out on Friday evening with a boat ride and a little fishing. They were loving every minute of it.

When the first fish was caught they were very interested in it. We were proud that they were not scared of it at all. When we had to put the fish back in the water Evan said, "Fishy go Bye Bye!"

Saturday and Sunday we went back out on the boat and yes...you are seeing the right picture...they have a little swimming pool on the boat. We call it their cruise ship!

On Monday we broke out the tube and let Evan go tubing with his Daddy! He loves it! I am sure by the end of the summer he will be a tubing machine! Next..we hope to get sissy to ride!

Evan and Eden loved playing in the lake water. We pulled up on a sand bar and just hung out for a while and enjoyed the water.

We had a super weekend but we were also worn out. Sissy fell asleep on the boat at the end of the day but would not go to sleep without her bobber! Her Daddy was loving that!

We can't wait to go camping again...Good thing the lake is not far away!

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