Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Run Eric Run

This past weekend Eric and I participated in the Susan G. Komen Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Dallas. I ran the relay marathon with a friend and Eric ran his first ever half marathon.

I started the race with Eric and passed off to my running partner at mile 7.1 but Eric kept going for another 6 miles. After I finished my part of the relay, I got on the Dart Train and was able to make it back to the finish line to see Eric when he crossed. My parents had brought Evan and Eden to the finish line to meet me so we were all there to cheer him on.

I have to say that when I could see him coming near the finish line I got a little emotional. I was very proud of him and all of his hard work. The kids faces just lite up when they saw him coming and Evan was waving and yelling, "Daddy!" I was very glad that we were there.

Here is a video that my dad took as Eric was coming close to the finish line.

Way to Go Eric! We are proud of you!

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  1. How awesome!! I'm so proud of y'all - I know that takes hard work and dedication to do. You rock!


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