Monday, September 20, 2010

Lets Play Catch-Up

So sorry it has been over a week since my last post. I am going to try and make it my goal to post at least every other day. Since it has been several days since I last posted I will try and catch you up on what is going on. Eric wrote an e-mail today that pretty well sums up what is happening right now in our life.

1) Evan has had 6 or 7 ear infections so far. (2 more today....went back to doc this afternoon) We are using an ENT doc at Medical City in Dallas. Evan is scheduled to get tubes on September 30th...just a week and half away. He's been a trooper, for sure, as he's battled these regular infections. I am so ready to see the difference they will make for Evan's sake (and ours too!). Little Miss Eden likes to swap congestion/ear infections with her big brother too. Sometimes we feel like we live at the pediatrician's office!

2) Speaking of footsteps, Evan is walking as of this past week! He has been taking a few steps here an there for at least a month....but it was this last week when he really seemed to take it seriously by walking all the way across our living room. He's one strong little man. Also, as of last week, little sister is getting her "army" crawl perfected! Mandy and I will be chasing in different directions from this point forward!

3) We are planning Evan's big birthday party. We're planning an outdoor cookout at one of the local lakes. We've got special t-shirts ordered for him and for Eden to commemorate the event. I cannot believe that it is drawing close to ONE YEAR since our little man was born!

Here are a couple of pictures from the past couple of weeks. Wow! Our babies are growing and changing so MUCH!

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  1. Sorry your babies have been so sick! I hope the tubes help Evan tremendously!


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