Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My First Trip to Daddy's Deer Lease

I was looking back at some pictures and noticed that I forgot to post about our trip to Daddy's deer lease. I am sure as Evan gets older he will make many many more trips to this place.

The first morning we were there it snowed just a little bit. It was Evan's first time in the snow so we had to get our coat and hat on and play just a little bit! As you can tell, he thought it was VERY COLD!

Also, Evan got to go out and help Daddy fill-up some of the deer feeders. He was such a GREAT helper!

On our way to the lease, we stopped by Bass Pro and bought Evan a camo hat. You can't go to the deer lease without your camo!
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  1. SO CUTE! We really enjoyed our time with you guys and wish we could've stayed longer! Evan is just a doll and completely captured my heart like I knew he would. Make sure he knows that anytime his "Boots" comes home...she WILL stop by and see him! =) Love to you all!


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