Sunday, October 25, 2009

Evan's Newborn Check-Up

Last Friday, Eric and I took Evan over to the Pediatric Clinic in Mt. Pleasant for his newborn check-up. Eric and I love the doctors at the Clinic in Mt. Pleasant. We both went to the doctor over there when we were children. Our doctor is going to be Dr. Chapman but he was out of the office last Friday so we saw Dr. Kimbell. He and his staff were super great with Evan and Evan was a great patient. When Evan was born, he weighed 8 pounds and 12 ounces. After just one week, he had gained 9 ounces. The doctor said this was great because most newborn babies lose a little weight after they are born. He said he looked and sounded extremely healthy.
Yesterday, I called the clinic to talk to a nurse because I was wondered about how much Evan was eatting. At most feedings, he is eatting between 4 to 5 1/2 ounces. I was afraid that this was too much but kept giving it to him because if not he was just not satified. The nurse asked me if he was spitting up some of his formula or acted liked his tummy was hurting. I told her that he was not having a problem with either those things. She said that it sounded like he was very healty and that I just had a little piglet on my hands. As long as he was not spitting up or having tummy problems I could keep feeding him as much as he wanted. So, since he was weighted over a week ago and is eatting so much, I am sure he has gained several more ounces this week.
Eric and I are so thankful we have such a healthy little eatter.
Eric and Evan outside the doctor's office
Evan is getting his heart and lungs checked
The doctor as he looks in Evan's ears.
Evan was such a good boy!

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