Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Scrapbook

YAY! We have the scrapbook finished. The scrapbook is very important because it lets the birth mothers get to know us, through pictures, and helps her decide if we are the perfect adoptive family for her and her baby.

My great friend Megan has been helping me work on this book. She has been so helpful. I have used her creative mind and all her scrapbook materials to complete this book. Without her help this scrapbook would not look near a wonderful as it does. Thanks Auntie M for all your help. Eric and I are very thankful for you.

Also, I went yesterday to get colored copies made of the scrapbook. We have to send in seven copies of the book to the agency. I got up to the register and the lady said I had 119 copies. I was thinking.. .at a little over a dollar a copy...this is going to cost me over 120 dollars. Then the lady told me the total and said, "Don't tell anyone but I am going to give this to you for half price. Good Luck! I hope everything goes well" Now, I know she said, "Don't tell" but I have to share. God is So Good!
Here is a glimpse into the life of: The Godwin's


  1. The scrapbook is absolutely perfect! It is a true testament of the two of you! We love you and are praying for you and the future Baby Godwin!
    -Eric & Cadi

  2. Looks super! Praying for you as you continue this journey. And we're here if you need anything ... or any "practice." Hahahaha! Love you!

  3. Hey guys, remember me? Jana Greenwich.... now Showalter. Anyways, Crystal shared your page with me...... so neat to read your story! Coincidentally, I work at an adoption agency (Gladney-in Fort Worth). My job is to counsel the birthmothers through the process, and regularly sit with them as they look through their adoptive parent profiles! :) anwyays, you guys look great in your booklet.... I hope this happens soon for you!


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